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In the Supermarket

Eat Better. Save Time. Get More.

About Us

We take the guesswork out of dinnertime. Through community support, we buy fruit, vegetables, and pantry staples to put in our food boxes and resell them at cost. We pay less, so you can pay less. 

Prince Albert Food Box is a local non-profit designed to encourage healthy eating at an affordable price in the community. We have been operating for over fifteen years, and are looking forward to fifteen more!

Ready to buy a box? Click the button below. 

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Kids in Vegetable Farm


You order a box through our website. We have two sizes to choose from. 


We use your orders to decide what items to get from our supplier. The more orders we receive, the better the box will be!

Box Day

On box day, our volunteers help us to put together your box. The boxes are delivered to various pick-up depots around the city.

Pick Up

Your food is now ready for pick up at the depot you selected. Don't forget your bag!


Image by Iñigo De la Maza

Large Box

7 - 12 Items

Each Large Food Box contains:

​2-3 different kinds of fresh fruits
4-5 different kind of fresh vegetables 
1 or more staple or pantry items 

Price per Box:


Basket of Organic Vegetables

Small Box

6 - 8 Items

Each Small Food Box contains:

2-3 different kinds of fresh Fruits
4-5 different kinds of fresh Vegetables 

Price per Box:


Image by Elaine Casap


6 - 12 Items

Families in need in our community can apply to receive a food box donated through the box-it-forward program. To donate, click "yes" when prompted on the box order form. 

Price per Box:

$15 - $25

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