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Where and When

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YWCA Community Connection Centre

1250A 1st Ave East


Monday to Friday: 8am to 4pm

Call Tianna at 306-763-0242

Payment and Pick-up Dates

2022 Dates
Payment Due Date
Pick-Up Date
January 4th
January 12th
January 18th
January 26th
February 1st
February 9th
February 15th
February 23rd
March 1st
March 9th
March 15th
March 23rd
April 5th
April 13th
April 19th
April 27th
May 3rd
May 11th
May 17th
May 25th
May 31st
June 8th
June 14th
June 22nd
July 5th
July 13th
July 19th
July 27th
August 2nd
August 10th
August 16th
August 24th
September 6th
September 14th
September 20th
September 28th
October 4th
October 12th
October 18th
October 26th
November 1st
November 9th
November 15th
November 23rd
December 6th
December 14th
December 20th
December 28th